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The Invasive Paper Project travels throughout Detroit and beyond to offer paper making workshops with invasive plants (like Phragmites, Honeysuckle, Garlic Mustard) that have been removed from city parks and green spaces to different communities. This project creates awareness around invasive plant species and their effect on our ecosystem, but more importantly it provides an opportunity to think about invasive plant life differently. While we need to focus on eradication, we can also experiment with new uses and products from these noxious weeds. This project is challenging those who participate to come up with some new ideas.
As an artist, the Invasive Paper Project is a continuation of my fascination with materiality, with time, with chance, and with play but in a more more community-centered setting in which ideas and outcomes can shift.

The More We Get Together
Handmade paper with non-native plants, Detroitus totems, paper-making station
Dimensions vary upon installation
Detroitus totems from The More We Get Together
Plywood with soil, trash collected from lots and neighborhoods in Detroit
Participant at The More We Get Together
Artist with gallery visitor at the hand-papermaking station
Making Honeysuckle Sheets
A paper-making workshop with invasives at a park in Detroit
Making paper outside in the sun with SCA youth.
Pulling sheets from the honeysuckle vat
Paper-making with SCA Youth
Talking about moulds and deckles
Various invasive paper sheets made by SCA youth and their leaders.
Phragmites and honeysuckle sheets with found plants from the garden