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Two to One (The Tension of Surfaces)
Two to One (The Tension of Surfaces)
Water, thread, glass, pump, light, vinyl
120" x 150" x 150"

Installed at the Ann Arbor Art Center (Ann Arbor, MI)

Two to One combines many small parts to create a much larger whole. Much like the weaving of thousands of threads to make a cloth, or the agitation of many plant fibers to make a sheet of paper, my work is built through accumulation and repetition. My background in textiles directly influences my understanding of forms and building. In creating installations, I seek to make evident the delicate tension that exists between inside and outside, between natural and human-made, between inert and active. I find wonder in experimenting with these thresholds, testing the capacities of the physical world.

*photo credit: Ara Howrani