Installation > Swarm (collaboration with Halima Cassells)


This work was created in collaboration with Arts and Scraps and a host of volunteers (listed below). To honor the knowledge and memories of each person who lent energy to the project, we included a soundscape with favorite songs, and interviews crowdsourced as we made this work that speak directly to how we all share with our community: Sound Scape

Co-Created By:
Alain Abboud
Isabelle Brogna
Karen Byers
Nia-Rah Cassells Anderson-Small
Nzinga Cassells Anderson-Small
Krishyna Chava
Srini Gogineni
Jim Grice
Jennifer Hart
Todd Henning
Chris Hooker
Amanda Ignatowski
Ronald Jackson-Brown
Imani Ma’at
Shanna Merola
Sandy Mikha
Katie Mongoven
Matt Pierson
Homayoon Pirooz
Whitney Savage
Kendall Snead
Dave Sonntag
John Sterlini
Susan Sullivan
Peggy Taylor
Michelle Undenoul
Angela Wade
Jacob Walker
Doug Wellman
Randall Westmoreland
Jay Williams
Kimberly Wilson

Technical Support:
Ang Adamiak
Stevie Baka
Lee Ellis
Bella Kiser
Jeff Houghton
Heru House
Michael Olszewski
Kevin Waskelis
Banner Sign Company

Photo credit: Shanna Merola